Crime city cheats



Are you addicted to the Crime City game? Or it is your first time to hear how fun it is?

Whether you are already a pro or a newbie that is just beginning to learn how to play this game, you’ll surely love to learn a few Crime City cheats for you to be able to play the game in a more fun and easy way.

For those of you who do not know, Crime City is a new game on Facebook that gives full authority of your own hood in your hands and lets you build your reputation in the criminal world.

There are plenty of interesting things to do on this game – from opening businesses in order to get plenty of money and increasing influence and wealth to committing criminal acts to earn respect and rewards – that make it truly engaging and addicting.

In order to help you ace the game effortlessly, this article has gathered some Crime City cheats and tricks. You’ll find all of these as you read the rest of the article below.

Easy Money

Who doesn’t want fast and easy money? Of course, you’d love to have loads of them as well.

How? It is actually very easy.

Simply go to the carnival then back to your hood. Doing this will give you $1000 on each visit. Fortunately, you can do this as many times you want so try doing this until you’ve reached the amount you need.

Build Your Buildings Faster

Earning materials needed for city building can be a very lengthy task. However, you can build them faster and become a king through the help of your Facebook friends. Ask your friends to send you free building materials and add them up to your mafia.

But if only a few of your friends play Crime City, the next option you can do is to find new friends that are as addicted to this game as you. To do so, simply visit the official Facebook page of Crime City then add the users who liked or posted in the game’s wall. Just remember to put a comment like “Crime City” along with your friend requests so that they won’t be ignored.

Earn money And Bonuses From Coin Farming

On the Crime City game, buildings are inexpensive and you can use them to easily make tons of money. One of the best buildings that you should invest on is the basketball court. It does not only take lesser space than the laundromat, but also gives you 315 coins daily for the price of only 260 coins and by building one steel.

To earn heaps of money for your hood, you should build several basketball courts and upgrade them at least thrice for you to be able to earn 787 coins on each court every 24 hours.

If you lack enough space for more basketball courts, simply go to the store, buy an eraser, and then erase as many unnecessary roads as you can. Roads are just for decorative purposes and erasing them will give you better opportunities of placing more buildings, earning more money, and becoming more powerful in the process.